Richard O, Chartered Occupational Psychologist

"Laura has a great range of strengths in realising the talents of others, from her in-depth technical knowledge through to her insightful communication skills. Laura is open and generous with feedback, having a warm and natural style that puts people at ease and builds their confidence. 

She has a wide professional knowledge of psychometrics and how to best to apply them to get the best value. 

She is also a highly effective talent programme leader, bringing a combination of the highest professional standards with a down-to-earth, pragmatic attitude and a sense of fun and humour"

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Teodora P, Business Analyst

"Through the guidance of the wonderful Laura I have made significant changes in my life, including how to think more positively and successfully and how to put things into a different perspective.  I can now be more aware of the feelings and emotions that I am experiencing and have the tools to change the way I feel if I am in a state that is not useful to me.

Laura taught me some NLP techniques that continue to help me be more confident and calm and I am a happier person because of the life coaching.

Laura, you have a positive energy and your perspective on things and compassion have helped me shift my personality and I cannot thank you enough"

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Clare F, Financial Services Personal Assistant

“Don't you love it when an old friend steps up just because and becomes a part of the solution?  Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective and a kick up the bum!  Thank you so much Laura Shipp for your kind words tonight.  My mind is now in overdrive and I love it!  Just the possibility that the slightest change could make a world of difference to my little man means everything to me"

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Simon B, Investment Director

“I believe coaching is a great skill and Laura has been a great coach to me"

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Nicola F, Engineering Delivery Lead

"I have bitten my nails for as long as I can remember, which means upwards of 35 years. As a leader I have always felt that my nails do me a disservice and detract from my self-confident personality and my own perception of myself.  They are also a source of great disappointment as I feel I should be able to stop. 

I met Laura Shipp through a previous professional connection.  I turned to Laura because I know her and know her recent change of career path, particularly her hypnotherapy qualifications.  If anyone could help, Laura could. 

As part of the preparation, Laura sent me some exercises to do in the weeks leading up to our session. The exercises alone worked.  I stopped biting my nails from that first attempt.  I kept the session with Laura as I had other areas that I wanted to work on with her. 

For a first experience it was truly enlightening and empowering.  I already feel like a better version of myself; centred and focused. The session was an oasis of serenity and Laura was outstanding.  She was very flowing and calm in her delivery and transported me somewhere special.  Laura was able to teach me techniques to help with areas that we discussed prior to the session starting. Simple yet powerful, I have already used them. 

I will be calling on Laura’s skills again to continue the process that she has introduced me to, as I feel it is the key to me making a significant step change in both my professional and personal lives. Thank you so much Laura"

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