We all naturally like to come up with different explanations for the way people behave and to sort people into groups because we want to understand ourselves better and try to understand others, and why they can be so different from us.

Psychometrics is the science of studying those individual differences. It uses research to identify the main factors of personality, such as being more or less extrovert and more or less agreeable.

Psychometrics provide a powerful way of ensuring the best candidates are selected, career personality tests assess an individual's ability and preferred behavioural styles; equally personality tests give beneficial insight into personal development.

Instruments offered:

  • SHL ability assessments 
  • Occupational Personality Questionnaire
  • Hogan HPI, HDS and MVPI
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 
  • NEO-PI-3
  • Strengthscope, Strengthscope360, Strengthscope Leader and Strengths Engagement Index 

Cost includes administration and preparation time ahead of feedback session.  

  • One-hour feedback session £100.00
  • One and a half hour feedback session £125.00
  • Two-hour feedback session £150.00

The cost of the instrument is in addition and varies based on which tool we choose is best for you.  Can vary between £40.00 to £120.00.  I charge this at cost (the same price the relevant psychometric provider charges me).

New to 2020 couples MBTI communication style package:  £300 includes administrating the instrument, reports, two 30-minute individual feedback sessions and 1-hour joint session learning more about what it means for you as a couple and handy toolkit to takeaway.

Book a complimentary career confidence 30-minute consultation to discuss the tool that is right for you regardless of whether it is for career or personal development.