Coaching supports and enables individuals and teams to be their personal best by eliciting their skills, resources and own thinking.  Clients are invited to design actions and commit to them in order to enhance performance and wellbeing.

Life & NLP coaching concentrates on supporting you at a personal level often by enabling you to find a balance in your life and form positive relationships.

Set in a professional context my career coaching focuses on maximising workplace performance by helping you take your next step towards your long-term career goal and / or optimise your expertise.

Leadership coaching will often cover a number of areas, including how to become a better leader, making strategic decisions, and developing key relationships.

My team coaching is tailored to individual team requirements and can include the use of mediation techniques and psychometrics.

I always recommend creating a bespoke coaching programme therefore it is essential that a complimentary consultation takes place to ensure the right service is selected.  You will receive a personalised quote after.